What People Are Saying

"It is a loving and graceful homage to bonds between animals and humans and bonds in the human community. You’ll be happy for days after you’ve finished reading it."

-Mary Ann Grossmann
Books Editor, St Paul Pioneer Press
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"A stunning, smart, big-hearted debut from Carrie Maloney! Breath to Breath is at once startlingly brave and comforting in its frankness. For animal lovers, people lovers, and lovers of insightful, beautifully crafted stories about falling into grief, and daring to live again."

-Elisabeth Finch
 Writer for Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, ELLE 

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Breath to Breath reads like a river with all of its currents and eddies. This soulful tale captures the passions and struggles of a veterinarian in western Wisconsin—and the changes she sparks in the people around her. The revolving carousel of characters and their four-footed companions draw you into their world. But you don't need to be an animal lover to keep turning pages—just a lover of life.” 

-Chris Bleifuss, DVM
 (A real-life Wisconsin veterinarian!)


“Wow! I am amazed at how Breath to Breath truly captures our emotional connection to animals—what we get from that relationship, and what they shine back onto us. Meanwhile, this book is a roller coaster ride of human interaction. The story reminds me of so many struggles in my own life that I had to overcome to pursue my calling. Carrie Maloney has crafted a book that kept me on the edge of my sofa!”

-Jennifer Kachnic
 President of The Grey Muzzle Organization
 (Author of Your Dog's Golden Years–Manual for Senior Dog Care)