The Story



The Story

Veterinarian Anna Dunlop can recite all 230 bones in a cat’s body. She can listen to a dog’s chest and know instantly how to save its life. What she can’t seem to do is work her way through her own personal pain. 


Sadness over her husband’s death hasn’t lessened with time, as the world promised it would. In fact, every year her grief burrows in more deeply, making good days seem dull, and upsetting days almost unbearable. 

So when someone tries to do away with a litter of puppies, her world unravels.

She saves the pups and adopts them out to people in her community of Milk River, Wisconsin—on one condition. They must agree to gather monthly on her radio call-in show. It soon becomes clear that people cannot talk about their dogs’ lives without revealing what’s happening at home. Anna finds herself helping her new circle of friends work through their most intimate problems, live on air.

Meanwhile, the good doctor searches for a way to heal her own heart.

Please Note: Carrie can't read books in which animals die, and she would never write one. Rest assured, no animal deaths occur in any scene of this book.